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     Josetta is a 4th year VMD-PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine and will be doing her PhD in Immunology at the Perelman School of Medicine. She attended the City College of New York for undergrad where she earned her B.S in Biology and a minor in chemistry. Her three passions, infectious diseases, immunology, and veterinary medicine, continue to lead her on the path towards a career in vaccine development and immunoengineering. Her exploration of careers in industry ignited her curiosity about business and led her to seek opportunities at the intersection of veterinary medicine, research, and business.

      During her first and second years of vet school, she served as the Chapter President of VBMA at UPenn and participated in a consulting club based at UPenn’s business school, Wharton. Along with a career in immunoengineering research and business operations, Josetta aspires to be a small animal emergency practice owner in her hometown New York City. When she’s not studying she enjoys reading, skiing, gardening, hosting wine nights for her friends, and volunteering for organizations that help wildlife internationally

Her top three goals before she graduates: 

 1. Create a non-profit that provides life and wellness coaching to young girls

2. Gain significant real world experience that will prepare her for a career at the intersection of veterinary medicine, immunoengineering, and business

3. Pay off her student loans so that she can financially support her parents


Josetta and her mentor, Dr. Paul Calle, posing for a picture at her white coat ceremony

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